Buying Beverly Hills Has Gave Alexia Umansky New Appreciation For Mom Kyle Richards

Although Alexia Umansky stars in Netflix Buy Beverly Hills with her father, Mauricio Umansky, she actually gained a new appreciation for her mother, Kyle Richards, while filming the real estate series. “It really made me proud of my mother and these women who have been doing what they have been doing for so long,” Alexia recently said. People of the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. “I think what shocked me the most was how emotionally draining it really was and there was so much to do and put together. »

Yet she promised that Buy Beverly Hills — which features her big sister, Farrah Brittany, and Mauricio navigating high-stakes luxury Los Angeles real estate — is “extremely different” from her mother’s show. Alexia partially attributed this to some moments of genuine “vulnerability”, explaining, “It’s really scary to show people your career, especially when you’re trying so hard to be successful and prove something.”

Nowadays, Alexia has “kind of shifted that gear from being super nervous to actually being a little bit excited to be this person that’s really relatable,” she added. Learn more about the 26-year-old Buy Beverly Hills agent below.

The work of Alexia Umansky

Alexia, who holds a degree in marketing communications from Emerson University, is a real estate agent at Mauricio’s company, The Agency, and is also the team’s marketing specialist. Originally from Los Angeles, she started attending various screenings and open houses with Mauricio when she was young. “Growing up, I would come to the office to watch him and always learn something new,” Alexia wrote in her biography on the company’s website. “Real estate is something I always knew I loved. And I soon realized that I could dedicate my life to this industry and be happy.

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Alexia Umansky’s Boyfriend

Although some Netflix viewers were quick to ship Alexia and her high school friend, Joey Ben-Zvi, she already has a longtime boyfriend named Jake Zingerman. Neither has been particularly shy about sharing their relationship on social media. days before Buy Beverly Hills first, Alexia shared photos from a Halloween celebration, including PDAs. Further, in August 2021, she also posted a photo of them kissing in full selfie.

On his own Instagram, Jake also celebrated Alexia’s 26th birthday in June with a sweet tribute. “My best friend and all my heart. The most amazing girl in the world. I love you with everything I have. 26 has never looked better,” he captioned the post.

During this time, he also gained the approval of his family, including his other sisters Sophia and Portia Umansky, according to Mauricio. “He’s awesome,” the agency owner recently said We Weekly. ” We like it. »

Instagram of Alexia Umansky

In her spare time, Alexia enjoys skiing, going to the beach, cooking, trying out the latest restaurants, dancing and travelling. She also volunteers for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, organizing everything from bake sale fundraisers to holiday gift drives.

In the hours after Buy Beverly Hills released on Nov. 4, Alexia reflected on Instagram about the “mad rush” that the filming process had been. “This experience taught me a lot about myself and how to be a great agent,” she wrote. “I had to remind myself again and again that no one is perfect! I hope many of you can learn from my mistakes, just like me.

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