Bridgerton Star Explains “Colorblind” Hearing Problems

Bridgerton‘s Adjoa Andoh opened up about her experience with the show’s “colorblind” cast. Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers released a behind-the-scenes book titled Inside Bridgerton with the story. The Lady Danbury actress has been busy with the Netflix mega-hit and an upcoming spin-off surrounding Queen Charlotte’s early days. But, when it came to joining the series, Andoh was absolutely amazed to learn how their process differed from other period dramas. Yes, some shows may allow a black actress to play a fictional or historical character. But, Bridgerton allows them to be themselves at this particular moment. It’s an exciting proposition for a performer who has known no other way.

“I needed to know that the auditions weren’t colorblind. Because when we say we’re color blind, what color are we blind to? I am the color that I am. I rejoice in my race, and I wish I don’t want to be anything else. I think I was born with a winning ticket, thank you very much. »

“As someone who grew up in this country with the history of this country — you know, you can’t try costume dramas, you can’t go for historical romance. And so usually actors of color think, ‘Oh, another job I’m not getting. I needed to know that this was an opportunity to be part of it – and also that I was expected to be myself, a black woman, not a black woman pretending to be white. »

How did the casting go ?

Speaking to Kelly Valentine Hendry explained what happened when Andoh showed up for his audition. There was a very interesting mix-up that ended up being a great story for everyone involved. Here is his point of view.

“We checked her availability, and I held my breath because she’s not available very often,” Hendry recalls. “When she came in to read, her question was, ‘Kelly, why am I here?’ She meant as a black woman, a black actress. I love that she asked the question because the question had to be asked. »

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