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Biden promises Zelensky to ‘step up’ his support

During a historic meeting on Wednesday December 21, Joe Biden promised Volodymyr Zelensky to “continue to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend itself, in particular anti-aircraft defence”while the Ukrainian President thanked him for his “great support”.

Receiving his counterpart by the fireside in the Oval Office, for the Ukrainian president’s first international trip since the invasion of his country in February, the American president also told him that he supported kyiv’s aspiration to a “just peace”. The Ukrainian people remain “Inspiration to the World”he said.

Joe Biden criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for using “winter as a weapon” against civilians by targeting water and electricity networks.

“Thank you from our ordinary citizens to your ordinary citizens, the Americans”, said the Ukrainian head of state, dressed as is now his habit in pants and a khaki sweater, and wearing heavy boots. He told Joe Biden about his “recognition from the bottom of the heart” for his role ” motor “ against the invasion of Ukraine.

Nearly two billion dollars in aid

After 300 days of war, Volodymyr Zelensky has booked his first visit to the country which is by far Ukraine’s largest aid provider. Washington announced during its visit a substantial new component of military assistance, including in particular a Patriot surface-to-air missile system.

Vladimir Putin intends to continue to strengthen Russian military power

This new tranche of American military aid to Ukraine amounts to approximately 1.85 billion dollars, including 1 billion in the form of donations to kyiv of armaments drawn from the stocks of the American army, which can be delivered quickly. And 850 million orders to the defense industry, which implies delays of several months, even several years.

The State Department said Washington is currently only sending one of these highly mobile systems, as Ukraine is strained by intensified strikes from Moscow.


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