Between Edie Blanchard and Clara Luciani, a friendship made up of concerts, laughter and trust

[Clara Luciani rédactrice en chef] The singer is surrounded by a group of friends, sisters of heart or blood. Among them, Edie Blanchard, author and producer of the podcast “Your best life”.

On the phone, in a voluble and generous voice, she recounts her journey as an author and director eager for projects of all kinds. First, clips. Edie took the helm of a handful of videos for Philippe Katerine, her father, – illustrating stone with you, Where 88% with the rapper Lomepal – or for Alice et Moi and the electro collective Bon Entendeur.

Then his appetite increased tenfold. For advertising and, above all, for fiction. In early 2023, Edie will be released Enjoy, a short film on the sexuality of older people “rather comical”. When he is reminded of his foray into the camera in pigskin, directed by Katerine in 2005 (“Oh dear, it’s old!”), she retorts not wanting to be an actress. On the other hand, for a year now, she has started writing and singing again, because that “tickled”.

We are not afraid of each other”

In the meantime, she launched your best life, an exclusive podcast for Deezer, the first episode of which invites Clara Luciani to talk about romantic breakups. “We met on my birthday through mutual friends,” Edie says with a smile in her voice. Since then, friendship has been nourished by parties of fun, many concerts and trust.

Praising the group of girls present in this issue, the young director finds that women, by dint of comparisons, too often see themselves as “enemies”. According to her, Clara federates: “Coming together here is a way of saying that we are together and that we are not afraid of each other.”


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