behind our laptops, an ecological disaster

We use them to take photos, send messages or watch movies… Our mobile phones have become so essential to us that we no longer pay attention to them. However, what do we know about the stages in the life of a smartphone, from its manufacture to the moment when we no longer want it? This is what Hugo Clément tried to tell, in a new episode of “Sur le front”.

Our Internet searches and our mania for scroller (scrolling the pages on a screen) are indeed the cornerstones of gigantic data centers which are springing up everywhere at the cost of enormous energy costs, in particular to cool the servers.

Our need to be connected is also at the origin of huge cables that cross seas and oceans to circulate information around the world in seconds. A complex system, extremely expensive, financed by multinationals which dominate the Internet market.

A ballet of testimonials and images

Upstream of these exchanges, the documentary also denounces the exploitation of the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of telephones, as in New Caledonia, the world’s leading nickel exporter, victim of a little publicized ecological disaster.

An investigation inside a system obsessed with the race for profit, which is based on the eloquent testimonies of those who work there, from the director of a data center in Marseilles to the Caledonian worker. But Hugo Clément also gives voice to those who want to limit its negative effects, fight against planned obsolescence, defend their land, or develop durable telephones.

If the film brings little new information on the laptop economy to insiders, it has the merit of offering a global and accessible vision. Fifty minutes, rich in unpublished images, which paint a vitriolic portrait of an industry that is deadly for the planet.


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