“Autism, the little ghost hunter”, the autism spectrum has beautiful colors

Autism sometimes frightens young parents, like a threat hanging over the future of their offspring. This documentary offers a completely different perspective, looking at the professional successes of people with autistic disorder. Matthias in the Paris region, Elad in Israel or Martin in Copenhagen testify to their professional lives.

Their success followed the same path: they were understood and accompanied so that their “specific interest”, described as a blockage or fad, became the key to their integration. This is precisely what Mickey Mahut, co-author of the documentary with Laurent Kouchner, is trying to offer to his son Tom, 12, “ghost hunter”. In other words, passionate about visiting abandoned houses and disused railways.

“We must move from a vision of autism as a sum of deficits to be overcome to the search for strengths on which to capitalize “says Julie Dachez, author of The Invisible Difference, an autobiographical comic. This requires understanding that people “spectrum” need an environment to their measure, stable, with fixed benchmarks, in order to avoid “emotional overload that their sensitivity makes them feel.

A conversation with the viewer

Look someone in the eye. Valérie, a mother from Quebec who admits having “a diagnosis of mild to moderate autism”admits never having been able to. “It gives me too much information that I can’t classify. When there are too many people talking, she has her little objects that calm her down, like a ring that rolls or plastic tweezers. Tom has his brush. Everyone has their own trick.

France is not ahead in the management of this disorder, but the documentary blows an air of optimism. Alternating over fifty-eight minutes sequences of great tenderness with a lucid analysis of the battles to be waged, he outlines a conversation with the viewer, opening up to him this world of autism. A much bigger and richer world than one might think.

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