At the Forum des images, the political gaze of animated cinema

Its title says its political dimension well: Forbidden to dogs and Italians, one of the feature films that caused a sensation at the last Annecy Animation Film Festival where it won the jury prize, is one of the works screened (Tuesday 13 December at 2 p.m.) in preview, during the 19th edition of the Carrefour du cinema d’animation, at the Forum des images in Paris. An annual event that presents works dealing with subjects as delicate as the history of migration, past and present.

In Forbidden to dogs and Italians, the director Alain Ughetto tells, with humor and sensitivity, the tumultuous trajectory of his grandparents, Italian immigrants in France. Animated with figurines, the film takes the form of a fictional dialogue between the filmmaker and his grandmother who unfolds the thread of his life, while preparing his traditional polenta. The film raises awareness of the multiple and complex reasons, both economic and political, which lead entire families to leave everything behind in the hope of a better life.

Sometimes the challenge is simply to stay alive. That’s what it says Flee (Thursday 3 to 2 p.m.), painful confession by a former Afghan refugee who fled the Taliban regime. This beautiful Franco-Scandinavian animated documentary by Jonas Poher Rasmussen is a journey through the meanders of a memory that is freed from a heavy secret.

Armenian Genocide survivor turned Hollywood star

Fleeing to escape war is the fate of the characters in Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo, by Marya Zarif and André Kadi, story for children about the pain of exile for Syrian refugees (Wednesday 2 to 3 p.m.). It is also that of the young heroine ofAurora, the Armenian star (Tuesday 1 to 8:30 p.m.).

This fascinating documentary by Inna Sahakyan recounts the incredible – but true – fate of this woman who, after having miraculously survived the massacres, fled to the United States to become, at the end of the 1910s, the star of a film Hollywood who told his story! Interspersed with excerpts from interviews with the real Aurora Mardiganian, the animated scenes seek to distance the horror of the persecutions, which are otherwise shown explicitly.

A program of Ukrainian films

The war, again and again, with The War That Is Always Around (“The war is still there”), a Ukrainian short film by Iryna Harkavets, about the dilemma faced by a young woman who has to leave her family to find shelter from the conflict that is ravaging her country. This film is part of a selection of short works made by the Forum des images team in collaboration with Anastasiya Verlinska (Wednesday 14 December at 8 p.m.).

The energetic director of the Kiev animated film festival Linoleum, whose last edition was held online last month due to the conflict, is increasing collaborations with other festivals to offer contemporary Ukrainian short films made between 2019 and 2022.

Not all of them are about the war, but all of them are about today’s situation in Ukraine,” specifies Ménie Azzouzi, one of the programmers of the Carrefour du cinema d’animation. A video meeting is planned with Anastasiya Verlinska, at the end of the session, if it is not made impossible by a power cut…

Source : BBN NEWS

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