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What is the connection between star trek, David Bowie and Tintin? None a priori. The designers of “Tintin, the immersive adventure”, the latest artistic spectacle from L’Atelier des Lumières, have found one, by featuring the soundtrack of the science fiction film as well as a song by the late rockstar British on images taken from Hergé’s albums.

After having staged the stars of painting (currently, Cézanne and Kandinsky), the Parisian digital art center has bet on the greatest classic hero of Franco-Belgian comics. But the common thread does not appear in an obvious way to the spectator drowned in the images, projected in large format on the walls of this former foundry of the 11e borough.

After the parade of Tintin album covers, the puff reporter flies from adventure to adventure, borrowing jeeps, bathyscaphes and planes to escape his formidable enemies. All to a thunderous background of hits by the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Hollywood compositions by John Williams for the IndianaJones… A nod to Steven Spielberg, who was inspired by Tintin to model the famous American archaeologist and who produced the latest adaptation of the intrepid Belgian reporter’s albums.

So what is the purpose of this series of cropped and sometimes animated images of Hergé’s plates? “We tried to take up the framework of the albumsexplains Grégoire Monnier, director of the company Culturespaces Digital which manages the place. Faced with an extraordinary event, Tintin begins his investigation, is chased, flees and solves the mystery. »

Sound and light a little hollow but certainly spectacular

That is. There remains the impression of a sound and light show lasting half an hour, a little hollow and expensive (€16!) but certainly spectacular. The underwater scenes of Treasure of Rackham the Red or those, extraterrestrials of Odidn’t walk on the moonthe most hair-raising albums, lend themselves very well to the animation of sharks prowling around the bathyscaphe or the landing rocket.

We have known the heirs of Hergé, and his managing company, Tintin Imaginatio, more fussy when it comes to the recovery of his characters. Isn’t there a risk of distorting the original work by cutting out the characters from different albums to mix them together? ” La clear line of Hergé rholds up well to enlargement and we have been careful not to include scenes from two different adventures on the same wall “, assures Robert Vangénéberg, administrator of Tintin Imaginatio, who says he finds “the spirit of Tintin in its many facets. »

“The main ideacontinues Robert Vangeneberg, is to bring families to rediscover Tintin. This is evidenced by the many albums and derivative products sold at the Atelier des Lumières boutique.

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