“Algerian women in France, the heritage”, these fighter daughters of immigrants

Djamila, Samia, Dalila and Fadila only have first names, like anonymous people, their surnames will only be revealed at the end of the documentary. Yet they are anything but ordinary beings. The director Bouchera Azzouz sheds light on these invisibles of history which is obviously not only a matter of men, even if this obviousness still struggles to be one.

With their iron will, their fight for emancipation, their quest for justice, their search for truth on the hidden sides and the darkest pages of Franco-Algerian history, these women, daughters of Algerian immigrants, are forged a destiny and a dual membership identity.

Women ” upright “, as Dalila Kerchouche says of her mother, who extricated her family of eleven children from the harkis camps where they were imprisoned for ten years in destitution. Or like these women who demonstrated on October 20, 1961 to demand news of their husbands who had disappeared since the murderous repression of October 17 and who shouted at the police: “We are not here to laugh. »

Invisible Warriors

Djamila Amrane, the 88-year-old oldest, was a fighter. Not just to carry the money, and sometimes arms, for the FLN during the war, but also to lead a life despite adversity, to divorce an abusive husband in Algeria – where they fled after being forced to leave French territory a few days before the independence of Algeria – before returning to France with her five children.

All in their own way are warriors, extricating themselves from family conservatism from which they also draw the strength to act. Samia Messaoudi, who dedicates her life to fighting injustice and shedding light on October 17, 1961. Dalila Kerchouche, who broke the cloak of shame and silence on the family history recounted in My father this harki. Or Fadila Mehal, first in search of this Algeria that she drags along like a phantom limb before jostling to emancipate herself. Hats off to these heroines of the little story.

Source : BBN NEWS

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