Alex Kapranos recounts the “Summer Wine” he shared in a duet with Clara Luciani

The leader of Franz Ferdinand talks about the recording of his cover of the Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood piece that “Les Inrocks” offers you exclusively (and on flexidisc) with its November issue.

“This revival of Summer Wine has never been released in physics. We are both, Clara and I, very big fans of Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. The lyrics of their songs are very inventive, quite dark. Each of their songs creates interesting, almost cinematic scenes. You really have the impression of being in the evoked place when you listen to them. The voices of Lee and Nancy are not so far from those of Clara and me.

I like the idea of ​​covering a song like Summer Wine but what I prefer is not to reproduce the original. We wanted to give it another flavor. But it’s funny because we recorded it during the first confinement without having the ambition to release it. We literally did it for fun, which pretty much sums up what I think about music in general: play to enjoy it to the fullest. Play because you like it. That’s why I make music.

“I put my microphone at the window to record the sound of the birds”

I recorded all the music in my living room here in this house I’m talking about with just a microphone. Then I put everything together. Clara played it for her label and they thought it was great. This song has a very lyrical atmosphere. We really wanted to create a scene, like in the cinema, and make our listeners feel in a precise place, in a slightly fantastic world.

We recorded it in the spring. I put my microphone at the window to record the sound of the birds arriving in Scotland for the sunny days. I tried to capture the atmosphere of the place and the precise moment during which we were recording. I also recorded footsteps. On the opening of the song, I walk around town until the first bells ring. I really looked for sounds everywhere. I was experimenting with lots of different things. For example, I came across a bunch of keys that I shook very close to the microphone.

© Screenshot of the music video ”Summer Wine”

I remember very well the first time we played this song at the Olympia in Paris. The Olympia is one of my favorite venues in the world, along with La Cigale. These are spaces where you feel like you can touch every person in the audience.

My voice and Clara’s are very different. And that’s why it works. And it’s the same for Lee and Nancy: it’s because their voices contrast that the duo works. Lee has a very dark, somewhat menacing voice, while Nancy has a very clear voice. Clara’s voice really differs from mine because it has a certain purity. I think she has this incredible power to invoke and convey emotions. Really. Which contrasts with my voice, which I couldn’t tell you about because I’m too close to it!”

Source : BBN NEWS

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