“Additional investigation” questions the omnipotence of police unions

“No structure can claim to be what we all are together”, launches Fabien Vanhemelryck, the secretary general of the Alliance union, the majority among the peacekeepers, in front of an audience of police officers gathered in congress at the Paris Labor Exchange in September 2021. The highest authorities of the national police are present. And the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin recalls, to applause, what he has obtained in two years for the profession: 44,000 additional jobs, a 15 billion euro increase in the budget, the renewal of half of the car park, free train tickets…

Highly unionized profession

At the Ministry of the Interior, we know the consequences of the missteps towards the majority unions, Alliance, on the right (which the Unsa-police union joined for the professional elections of December 1), and Unit SGP-Police, in left. The previous host of Place Beauvau, Christophe Castaner, lost his place there by wanting to remove the technique of the “throttling key” after tough arrests during rallies of “yellow vests”.

Facing the camera, union leaders admit having asked the head of a minister or told another not to receive the movement of the angry police. They also assume forms of blackmail against journalists, the coordinated defense of colleagues suspected of violence or certain police methods, when refusing to comply, for example.

The two unions opened their doors to the “Complément d’Enquête” teams. As soon as they are trained, police officers are invited to join a union. Alliance promises 24-hour protection and availability. For careers, promotions or transfers, it is difficult to progress without them. This explains why more than 65% of police officers belong to a union. An omnipotence that the magazine questions, through numerous testimonies.

Source : BBN NEWS

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