“A Glitter Year”: the hatching of Eggs, a great French pop group

First mastered album for Parisians who brilliantly revive guitar indie by mixing it with the elegance of their compositions.

The meeting took place one evening at the Fête de la Musique, one of those from which nothing is expected. However, on June 21, 2019, at La Pointe Lafayette, a bar wedged between the Parisian aerial metro and the end of the Saint-Martin canal, two generations commune happily in music and the scent of alcohol. Former indie fans suddenly dreaming of revival in front of a gang of sweaty pop kids.

Eggs, a group formed in 2018, surprises with the power of its melodies, alternating between saturation and clean lines, postpunk energy and pop elegance, under the breath of a few seductive asthmatic keyboards. That evening, we were no longer on the banks of the Seine but on those of the Mersey River in England or in Dunedin, a New Zealand city of disturbing and melancholy beauty that has given birth to an exceptional musical scene.

Jangle pop, garage and noise

Back in 2022. We had to wait to discover this first album, between a 45t released three years ago (A Certain Smile), then two more in 2020, Life During Wartime and An Unexpected Christmas Gift, who only gave us a handful of pieces to satisfy our hunger.

This long maturation has nourished the complexity and elegance of the compositions: the sound is fuller, the arrangements more elaborate. The Parisian septet, launched by Charles Daneau, now includes Camille Fréchou and Margaux Bouchaudon of the group En Attendant Ana (vocals and saxophone) in its ranks.

A Glitter Year seduced by its sincerity, without the effect of sleeves (with sequins). These sparkling titles summon the most beautiful memories of the battered romantics of The Clean, The Verlaines, Television Personalities, The Feelies, The Field Mice, Felt or Guided by Voices… It would however be unfair to see only a group frozen in the past, mumbling scholarly indie pop quotes for sweet nostalgics.

Like their Australian cousins ​​from The Goon Sax, Eggs keep a keen sense of melody and a strong identity that successfully blends jangle pop, garage and noise (special mention to the nervous saxophone on Crocodile Tears Where Still Life). Signing the birth of a great French pop group, A Glitter Year tells us once again the spleen under the sequins. Jubilatory.

A Glitter Year (Howlin’ Banana Records/Safe in the Rain/Modulor). Released since November 4.


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