A Broadway Musical Using Britney Spears’ Iconic Songs Is In The Works

Britney Spears has truly made a prolific career for herself. Since its debut during the reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club alongside Ryan Gosling and Keri Russell to her iconic pop hits and collaborations, throughout her Las Vegas residency and multiple TV and film cameos, Spears has certainly tried to make the most of her career, even whether it’s part of his legacy is now tied to the conservatorship battle and less-than-normal behavior on social media.

And while Britney herself has said she’s retiring from music now that her conservatorship is over, it looks like she’ll be able to add one more thing to her long list of accomplishments: having her most iconic songs featured at Broadway, an honor that has been given to other incredible and talented musicians like Alanis Morissette, Tina Turner and The Go Go’s.


The musical has already appeared on stage

Once upon a time began its tour on a smaller stage in Washington D.C. courtesy of the Shakespeare Theater Company. Described as a “Britney Spears jukebox musical that follows a group of famous fairy tale princesses in search of a new kind of storytelling – once that embodies feminist ideals of today. »

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The princesses used in the musical are well known in pop culture and include Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and the Princess and the Pea, and even includes a fairy godmother-like character .

The cast also includes several princes, a narrator, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Gretl, and other supporting characters. While Once upon a time It was originally scheduled to premiere at the James M. Nederlander Theater in Chicago before finally premiering on Broadway, but it was unfortunately delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Spears herself reportedly attended the musical’s first reading and seemed to respond positively to the show, and although her original opening date did not happen, she was able to take the stage in January 2022 at the Sidney Harman Hall in Washington DC.

Once Upon A One More Time uses Britney’s best hits in its production

The musical is split into two acts, both of which have characters from the production singing some of Britney Spears’ most iconic songs released throughout her career. And while the songs aren’t done in any chronological order, they feature both old and new songs.

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Act one of Once upon a time Timand opens with …Baby again, perhaps Britney’s best-known and most iconic song. Even Spears herself posted an acapella version of the song which basically made it to her Instagram page.

It seems that the character of Cinderella, who is the main protagonist of the musical, sings the majority of the songs in duets or groups, which includes hits like Oops I did it again, I am a 4 U slaveand A part of me.

The show’s second act continues the same vibe, with Cinderella appearing in songs like Everytime and Cinderella with Prince Charming. Charmant can also make his own interpretations of I want to gowhich the princesses sang together to close the first act of the series.

Reviews of the original production were mostly positive

While Britney Spears fans will have to wait a little longer to see the songs on a Broadway stage, reviews of the show’s off-Broadway production have arrived, and it seems, for the most part, Britney fans and critics like the musical.

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Writer Nicole Hertvik wrote an in-depth review for the DC Theater Arts website where she said the musical was “wacky but it works”. She went on to call the musical a “full-fledged, Grade A, Gold Star success” and insisted that the show was actively selling tickets to “an audience that dances in their place every night”. .

Several posts tagged on the musical’s Instagram page can confirm that fans of Britney Spears and musicals, in general, had a fantastic time at the show and praised it for being a fun show, with others speaking of how much they love the costume design for each of the characters.

The Georgetown Dish seemed to echo the sentiments, calling the musical “a great fun night at the theatre”, mentioning how the show has great dance sequences and just the right amount of humor, while praising how great the cast perform well in each of their roles.

Although Britney Spears herself won’t appear in the Broadway musical, some of her top hits certainly help fill the musical’s seats while providing fun, skilled, and quality entertainment to delight the audience. audience.

Source: www.thethings.com


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